Monday, December 12, 2011

Rumana Manzur's extra-marital affair lead to Hasan Syed's murder?

Collection of Bangladeshi and Canadian Newspapers detailing the horrific death of Hasan Syed in his prison cell before his trial where he was charged by Rumana's family for domestic violence after discovering Rumana's extra-marital affair. Newspapers have also written about the conspiracy of Rumana Manzur's family to the death of Hasan Syed. Rumana Manzur, her father Manzur Hossain and Rumana's mother are currently seeking permanent residentship in Canada. Many Bangladeshi Canadians are speaking out after receiving many newspaper clippings of Rumana's extra-marital affair and the murder of Hasan. These Canadian journalists have started receiving threats on facebook, blogs and newspaper agencies by Rumana's family and friends, who have been said to be instructed by Mrs. Rumana Manzur against distribuing Bangladeshi "already published" newspaper articles trying to inspect the death of Hasan Syed. Members of Facebook, Blogs, and newspaper agencies have been asked to gather names of Rumana's familiy members and friends who are making threats to the journalists directed by Rumana's family. Canadians will start making a formal police complaint and to the Immigration of Canada and Law Enforcements. In order to keep democracy alive in Canada, people are requested to collect information about the murder of Hasan Syed by the Bangladeshi professor of Dhaka University, Rumana Manzur now trying to seek permanent resident status in Canada , and report.

Hasan Syed was found dead in his prison cell with markings in his hands, and an unexplainable death. Newspapers are claiming pre-meditated murder by the family of Rumana Manzur.

Here are collection of newspapers.

Collection of Online Newspapers from Canada and Bangladesh.